VIDYA Full Joint and Muscle Recovery Program Steps
Step 1: Joint and Muscle Cooling Ice Melt Apply to soothe and prepare your joints and muscles for the day
Step 2: Joint and Muscle Warming Balm Stick Heat it up to provide deeper penetration into muscles and joints for maximum recovery
Step 3: Joint and Muscle Extract Oil Take under the tongue daily for joint & muscle anti-inflammation maintenance
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More Than Just CBD...
VIDYA Hemp Products deliever a powerful hemp therapy rich in active and essential hemp extracts and formulated with an assortment of botanicals known for their ancient remedies for inflammation and pain recovery. What makes our approach unique is, it is not just a product but a program because hemp therapy is a lifestyle for total body health.
Hemp Therapy Lifestyle
We all have aches and pains, whether is from sitting at a desk all day, wrangling kids, old sports injuries, new sports injuries, and maybe just admitting hey, I am getting older. Our VIDYA Joint and Muscle Products enable you to take charge of your own health and wellbeing first, so that you can be the best moms, dads, grandparents, spouses, children and more.
CBD Hemp Therapy
CBD Hemp Therapy
Honest - Safe - Consistent
VIDYA's mission is to deliver honest, reliable, safe and effective hemp formulated products, while sharing our knowledge to improve lives naturally and responsibly. Knowledge of what’s in your hemp extract products is step one, proper use and dosing is step two, and healthy living is the future. The VIDYA lifestyle is the first step to becoming a better version of yourself, with a brand you can trust.
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"CBD Balm and rub has worked wonders for radiating neck and shoulder pain from osteoarthritis. The team ad VIDYA discussed the advantages of their products better than any other interviewed. Many of my female friends have taken advantage of their expertise and products."
Denver CO
"I still have arthritis, I still have grandkids, but most of all, I have a desire to get up and go and I no longer have to hide my pain, it's gone! I tell everyone I can about VIDYA. Life changing!"
Friendsville, Tennessee
"Thank you VIDYA! I am in my seventies and had been unwilling to walk for many years because I hurt all over with arthritis and inflammation. I tried the 1000mg broad spectrum hemp extract oil and my hand to God I don't hurt anymore!"
Jacksonville, Florida
The VIDYA lifestyle is the first step to become
a better version of yourself, with a brand you can trust.
We only source hemp from cultivars that were grown using organic practices.
Third-party testing ensures unbiased strict standards.
Our products are triple-tested for safety and quality.
100% natural, organically grown hemp.
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