​Which CBD Product is Best for Me?

Which Product is Best for Me?

The moment one looks at the possibilities of adding different hemp-derived CBD oil or CBD-infused products, there is a long list of questions that comes up. Among these the most pertinent questions is “Which product is best for me?”

There are a number of factors that you have to consider before determining the best answer. It includes the reason for using hemp-based CBD, consumption timing, the lifestyle, physical activities you are involved in, etc. Other equally important factors are body type, age, and the physical state of an individual. In order to conclude some answers, we will analyze some CBD products that are available to choose. This is done by checking out their strengths and weaknesses.

Onset Time & Bioavailability

These two are some of the major concepts that you should know before you move ahead and read about the products you may purchase. While onset time refers to the duration it takes for any of the product to effect, bioavailability refers to the proportion of CBD included in the product. Both the factors may vary in considerable proportions from one product to the other. If you take the example of edibles, most have longer onset time but lower bioavailability when compared to vaporizers. Although vaporizers affect your system immediately providing high bioavailability, they have their own drawbacks.

CBD’s Bioavailability

When we speak about bioavailability, the main concern that arises is the fact that CBD is oil but blood is water-based. This means they won’t mix well together. Being an oil, CBD gets easily absorbed by fatty tissues getting locked up as well as metabolized.

The main issue with bioavailability arises from the fact that while CBD is an oil, blood is water-based. Therefore, the two do not mix very well. CBD is easily absorbed into fatty tissues where it is locked up and metabolized before it can do any good. Nanoemulsion is one such solution that increases bioavailability. Tiny amounts of CBD oil are encapsulated inside the microscopic casing that easily homogenizes with water. It eventually increases the bioavailability of the product because it’s more compatible with the water-based system of the body.

CBD’s Onset Time

The primary factor with onset time is the path through which CBD gets in our system. If inhaled CBD passes the digestive system but in the case of edibles, the bioavailability gets largely reduced which eventually raises the onset time. This is because CBD needs to make its own way to the digestive system. On the other hand, Tinctures usually have a faster onset time compared to capsules. If we summarize the CBD based products the bioavailability and onset time would be as follows:

OptionOnset TimeBioavailability
Capsule (nanoemulsified)MEDIUMMEDIUM
Edible Baked GoodsSLOWLOW

The above summary contains generalized figures and there is more research that needs to be done to provide more accurate results.

Pure CBD vs. Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

One of the most critical factors for product differentiating between products infused with pure CBD and broad-spectrum CBD. It becomes important to differentiate among these products as they offer a different scale of effects. By understanding the process of producing CBD oil we can understand the difference between pure CBD and broad-spectrum CBD products. Cannabinoids are the primary ingredients that are used to produce hemp plant. They are resinous flowers from different strains of a hemp plant. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the most abundant cannabinoid in hemp plants and each cannabinoid has its own set of effects. Additionally, hemp flowers are used to produce aromatic compounds that are called terpenes giving distinct flavor and scent to the plant. For generations Terpenes has been used for aromatherapy.

Cannabinoids constitute about 20-25% of the total weight in the flower and terpenes are measured in parts per million. Both the compounds are extracted from hemp flowers after dissolving dried flowers in a solvent made of supercritical CO2 or ethanol. It eventually produces raw hemp extract. For producing palatable CBD oil, manufacturers remove waxes and chlorophyll. It finally produces refined oil containing a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes that exist in the original plant.

It is possible to distill broad-spectrum CBD oil up to an extent here both cannabinoids and terpenes get removed apart from CBD. This eventually produces pure CBD which is colorless and odorless which makes it perfect to add in drinks, topicals, and edibles. Moreover, as there are several cannabinoids and terpenes inside the broad-spectrum oil, it produces a range of effects as compared to products that contain pure CBD that is devoid of other cannabinoids and terpenes.

Important things to Consider for Determining An Ideal CBD Product

After understanding the basics for CBD products, one must look at other important factors that have to be considered before finalizing the perfect product for you.

On-set Time

Each method of taking CBD takes a different amount of time for effecting the system. While a capsule may take half an hour to take effect, inhaling CBD would create instantaneous effects. On-set time is not a great factor in case of using CBD oil as daily wellness support.


Value is the primary consideration in the case of bioavailability. CBD is expensive when compared to multi-vitamins and you would always like to maximize the value it offers. For example, a product having 10% bioavailability means you are spending 4 times more as compared to a product having 40% bioavailability. In case of nanoencapsulation CBD oils, the bioavailability is twice that of non-encapsulated products. However, there isn’t a large difference when it comes to pricing of the both.


The place and time when you take CBD are one of the big determining factors. It is because some products travel better compared to others. For people taking CBD every morning or evening before going to bed, tinctures are an ideal option. However, when traveling, capsules would be a better choice as it does not spill anything.


Depending on the usage, different methods of taking CBD is better. In case you want to support your skin, topical products are perfectly suited. For users looking to support their digestive health, capsules make a better alternative.

Serving Size

Accuracy of serving size is one more consideration that you have to make. You can gauge it easily when you take capsules because they offer pre-measured CBD oil. However, in the case of vaping, it is difficult to gauge the servings as it depends on several factors. They include the quantum inhaled and how deep it was inhaled.

So How do I decide the best Product For Me?

Like it’s important to determine the perfect product and the serving size depending on your needs, it is also important to find a company that is trustworthy. It should provide high-quality products besides offering good value. Once you find a company that is good for you, we advise you to stick with them. This is very important reason as regularly switching products from one company to another will make it difficult to determine the perfect serving size.