Our products originate with high quality, pure all-natural ingredients, follow strictly controlled extraction processes and are triple tested to ensure purity, safety and efficacy.


No hemp plant gets to be in a VIDYA formula unless it’s been grown according to organic practices on land with known history. We need to know the history because hemp is terrific at pulling contaminants from the ground into the plant—we are devoted to preventing that result.


No matter how good the earth and farming technique, no hemp enters VIDYA products without first passing our rigorous standards, including triple testing for safety and quality. We only use the essential oils from the plant, and for us it must be dissolved out of the plant only with safe, natural, highly purified alcohol or carbon dioxide, or simply pressed out. We don’t allow hydrocarbon solvents or other harsh chemicals used in the industry. Further, we demand third party, unbiased testing of every extract under stricter standards than are required of us, for solvents, pesticides, microbials, fungus, and metals. Then, only if the extract meets these standards, we test to be sure it contains strong concentrations of a broad spectrum of the natural, active components of hemp: cannabinoids and terpenes. That’s where VIDYA products get their extreme quality and why our third test is imperative to confirm the final products made from these extracts didn’t lose anything in the process and still contain that beautiful profile.


Safety and Reliability are the key components of VIDYA’s mission. We insist on repeatability, reliability, and above all, safety, of everything we deliver.

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