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30Days | 1600mg Hemp + Essential Ingrediants for Joint & Muscle Recovery

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"Hemp Balm and rub has worked wonders for radiating neck and shoulder pain from osteoarthritis. The team ad VIDYA discussed the advantages of their products better than any other interviewed. Many of my female friends have taken advantage of their expertise and products."
Denver, CO

"Thank you VIDYA! I am in my seventies and had been unwilling to walk for many years because I hurt all over with arthritis and inflammation. I tried the 1000mg broad spectrum hemp extract oil and my hand to God I don't hurt anymore!"
Jacksonville, Florida

"I still have arthritis, I still have grandkids, but most of all, I have a desire to get up and go and I no longer have to hide my pain, it's gone! I tell everyone I can about VIDYA. Life changing!"
Friendsville, Tennessee

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The sacroiliac joint is a joint which connects the spine to the hip. If any form of injury or trauma occurs at this joint can cause pain in the groin, low back, pelvis, and/or legs due to abnormal motion occurring at the joint.It has been estimated that a few cases of low back pain originated from the sacroiliac joint. Pain originating from the sacroiliac joint can be managed and treated using non...

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VIDYA is Formulated Hemp Therapy
VIDYA offers high-quality, all-natural Hemp Therapy products that come in a variety of collections. Each Hemp Therapy Collection follows a strict extraction process and is triple-tested for purity, safety, and efficacy. At VIDYA, our products are specially formulated for joint and muscle relief.

What are the Healing Properties of Hemp?
Many consumers use Hemp Therapy products for joint and muscle pain. While the FDA hasn’t approved Hemp oil yet, it encourages more research into hemp’s healing properties.
A review of Hemp oil found that a third of participants felt a reduction in pain when using Hemp oil to treat pain symptoms. At the same time, another study found that topical Hemp has the potential for pain relief and inflammation for adults with arthritic symptoms. And as more research continues, the healing properties of hemp will become more conclusive.

What does Hemp Do to the Skin?
Hempseed oil is a rich source of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. These acids have restorative properties for treating atopic dermatitis, more commonly known as eczema, which is dry and itchy skin.
A study found that participants who used hemp seed oil saw a statistically significant decrease in skin dryness, itchiness, and need for dermal medication when treating their atopic dermatitis with hemp seed oil.
Whether you are looking for hemp therapy products for joint and muscle pain or to relieve dry, itchy skin, VIDYA’s Hemp Therapy Collection will not disappoint.
Do you suffer from joint and muscle pain? Shop VIDYA’s exceptional Hemp Therapy Collections of topical Hemp products.