International Travel Checklist for 2021

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a first-time flyer, there's no more fabulous fun than traveling the world. One day you're sleeping in your condo in Los Angeles; the next day, you wake up in a luxurious royal suite in Havana.

Amid all the fun and excitement, one major challenge all travelers have to overcome is knowing what to pack for international travel.

It doesn't matter how many times you've traveled before. You will always have trouble figuring out what to carry and what to leave out, so you don't overpack or under-pack.

Fortunately, VIDYA is here to help. This universal packing list will come in handy whenever you need to pack for a vacation or a business trip.

The best part is that this overseas travel checklist is highly customizable so that you can add your special items without much fuss. Besides, it is downloadable and easily printable, making it the only list you will ever need!

With that said, let's get started…

Must Carry Items

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The must-carry items refer to the bare essentials for any travel. These are the items you must pack in your carry-on bag or suitcase regardless of your destination. Here's what to pack:

  1. Backpack - You will need a backpack to keep some of the souvenirs and small items you pick up during your trip.
  1. Travel Documents - You can't travel without valid travel documents. Ensure all your documents are in your bag, including air tickets, hotel membership cards, and other permits.
  1. Fitting Shoes - Look for comfortable running or walking shoes for adequate comfort during your trip.

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  1. Comfortable Shirt and Pants - For short stays, consider packing one long-sleeved shirt and a pair of jeans. Alternatively, look for a smart button-down shirt that can stand up to prolonged use.
  1. Light Jacket - A light jacket is a must-have since you can wear it on any day regardless of the weather.
  1. Phone - Nowadays, most smartphones function internationally, and you can use your phone to ask for directions to your hotel or call home in case of emergencies.
  1. Cash and Credit Cards - Always carry some cash with you and remember to pack your credit cards as most are accepted internationally.
  1. Medication - If you have any underlying conditions, do not forget to pack your medicine.
  1. Pen and Notebook - A pen and notebook will come in handy if you need to record contacts, trip information, and other noteworthy details.
  1. Map - Pack a physical map and a guidebook of the area you intend to visit. These two will help you find your way in case you get lost.

Remember to pack soothing ice melt or warming balm for joint and muscle relief after your flight.


Personal Items

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A packing list for international travel is not complete without personal items. Here are a few things you need to carry:

  1. Towel - Although most hotels provide guests with towels, it is always a good idea to bring your own from home.
  1. Toiletries - Items such as tissue, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, nail clippers, and shaving cream are a must-have in your international packing list.
  1. First Aid Kit - A first aid kit doesn't have to be bulky. You can opt to pack a basic kit that includes some bandages, safety pins, rubbing alcohol, blades, and antibiotics.
  1. OTC Medicine - Make sure you pack OTC meds such as aspirin and ibuprofen.

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  1. Water Bottle - If you are spending most of your vacation outdoors, you need to pack a water bottle capable of filtering and purifying tap water.

Remember to buy extract oil, soothing ice melt, or a warming balm stick to deal with joint and muscle pain after a long trip.



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The type of clothing you need to pack depends on where you are going. Here is a list of clothing you should consider carrying:  

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  1. Flat shoes - Whether you're traveling for business or vacation, always pack an extra pair of comfortable flat shoes as this will prove useful for any occasion.
  1. Sandals - You should include at least one pair of sandals in your bag or suitcase for your excursions on the beach and other sandy areas.
  1. Business Wear - For business trips, always carry one full suit and tie, and a pair of dress shoes and socks.
  1. Casual Wear - Have some space for casual clothes such as a polo-type shirt, T-shirts, and other loose-fitting clothes for your outdoor trips.

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  1. Scarf, hat, umbrella, and gloves - Other items that should not be missing from your international packing list include a scarf, hat, small umbrella, and a pair of gloves.


Fun Tools and Gadgets

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Fun gadgets are not essential, but they can prove useful during those long and tedious moments when connecting flights. In the end, we can't do without them on our travel abroad checklist as they make our trips more exciting.

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  1. Laptop - A laptop is essential for business continuity while abroad. You can use your computer to respond to emails and engage your clients even while away.
  1. Digital Camera - Trips and vacations are all about the memories, and there is no better way to capture these moments than using a digital camera.
  1. Mp3 Player - For music lovers, an Mp3 player will keep you entertained throughout your trip
  1. Books - If you are a bookworm, consider packing a couple of books in your suitcase, especially if you're not planning to carry your laptop or tablet.
  1. Lighter - Lighters are always handy tools to carry along, and they don't take up space.
  1. Swiss Army Knife - A Swiss army knife offers multiple tools ranging from blades to can openers to screwdrivers. However, you can only carry a Swiss army knife in your checked luggage.
  1. Small Lock - Pack a small lock that you will use to lock your valuables safely in hotel room lockers or your luggage.

Don’t Forget These!

As much as traveling can be fun, it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you forget to pack essential items. Before leaving home for the airport, make sure you tick all the boxes in your international travel checklist.

Remember to carry extract oil, soothing ice melt, or warming balm stick to deal with joint and muscle pain after your trip.

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