OUR MISSION is to deliver honest, reliable, safe and effective hemp formulated products, while sharing our knowledge to improve lives naturally and responsibly.


VIDYA (pronounced VID-yah) is the Sanskrit word for knowledge & clarity,

VIDYATM hemp extract products emerged as a solution to provide consumers clarity and knowledge of the cannabis industry, to take charge of their health decisions and choose honest, reliable, safe products for the entire family. Our VIDYA FORMULATED HEMP THERAPYTMproduct line was developed through years of research and testing of hemp extracts and their impact on the human endocannabinoid system. VIDYA proprietary formulas deliver a powerful, broad spectrum hemp therapy rich in active and essential plant extracts to empower your mind, revive your body, and elevate your well being.

Knowledge of what’s in your hemp extract products is step one, proper use and dosing is step two, and healthy living is the future.

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