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VIDYA Privacy Policy

By your use of this or any other VIDYA website including our online store(s) (collectively, the “Site”) you demonstrate your agreement to this Privacy Policy, which is part of our Terms of Service. That agreement is a condition of your use of our website, and you are bound by it.


When you visit our website, some kinds of information are gathered automatically. These kinds of information may include the date and time, your IP address, the operating system on your computer including mobile devices, which browser and language you’re using, and which websites you visited before ours. Your IP address, short for Internet Protocol address, may be used to find your location, too. We also use the common practice of keeping track of how you interact with our website: which pages you visit in what order, what things you click or otherwise interact with, and other actions you take or don’t take. We collect metadata and other details about these things. This collected information includes personal information, meaning any information that could be used to identify you. Kinds of information we collect include:

  • Payment Information such as credit card information and billing information.
  • We may collect passwords, password hints, and similar security information.
  • User Content. You may be provided with the ability to post, submit, upload, embed, display, communicate, or otherwise distribute text, data, graphics, external links, or other materials (“User Content”).  We collect User Content when you submit it to us, such as through feedback or product reviews.  User Content may be stored by us, displayed to other users, or used for promotional purposes.  User Content may be read, collected, and used by third parties.  You should exercise caution before you chose to share Personal Information in your User Content.
  • Information from Third-Party Services. When you use certain third-party services, such as Facebook or Twitter, in connection with your use the Site we may collect information that you make available to us through those third-party services, including your account information. We will only collect and use that information to the extent that such collection and use is permitted under by the third-party services.  Please review the privacy policies of third-party services before using them in connection with the Sites.
  • Technical Information. We collect information about how you and your device interact with our website(s) and products, including, for example: (1) referring source (i.e., the site you visited prior to visiting the Site; (2) date and time of access to our Site; (3) Site pages visited and Site features used, and the order of use; (4) type of computer or other operating device accessing Sites, type of browser used to access Site, and type of operating system you use; and (5) other similar information about the interaction between your browser and Site. We collect and store Technical Information through information gathering tools such as cookies, web beacons, and other similar technologies.
  • Cookies are stored in a computer or other operating device’s memory during a user’s browsing session. The cookies we use in connection with the Site may or may not be automatically deleted from the user’s computer or operating device when the browser is closed and the session has ended.  These cookies usually store a session ID that does not personally-identify the user, and they allow users to navigate the Site efficiently.  These cookies provide us information about Site features used and activities conducted while using the Sites.  Generally, we use cookies to customize your experience while using the Site. We may use cookies to compile aggregate data about user traffic on and user interaction with the Site so we can offer better experiences and tools in the future.
  • In addition to browser cookies, we may use other locally stored objects (sometimes referred to as “flash cookies”) stored in your hard drive or other operating device. These flash cookies will not be deleted when you delete cookies from your browser, and even if you set your browser to not accept cookies, these cookies will still be stored on your hard drive or other operating device when you use our Sites.  We may use this technology for purposes such as information security and fraud prevention, and to collect and store information about your preferences and navigation to, from, and on our Site.  If you choose to disable or otherwise control flash cookies, our Site may not function properly on your computer or other operating device, and certain features may not be available to you.
  • Web Beacons. We may use web beacons (also called clear GIFs or pixel tags) or similar technologies to collect technical information about your use of the Site and your viewing and use of emails we send to you. Web beacons are graphic image files imbedded in a web page, Site feature, or email that provide a presence on such web page, feature, or email and send back to its home server information from the user’s browser.  The information collected by web beacons allows us to statistically monitor how many people are using the Site and opening our emails, and for what purposes.
  • Self-Entered Information: We also collect certain information that you enter yourself as you go through the online purchase process, such as your name, address, and email address. That information allows us to access your order history as well, as long as things match up. To the extent you participate in things like quizzes and other efforts to match your interests to our products and other offering, we collect the information you provide, such as your quiz answers, and demographic information.

When you provide your email address to us, you are giving us permission to email you about products, promotions, and so on from us or from select partners of ours. We may use specific information we gathered about you to help select which communications to send you about new or existing products, events and promotions, and other marketing purposes. Of course you may unsubscribe whenever you want. Just click that link in any of the email we send, email an unsubscribe request to, or send that written request to us at the physical address below.

We use all this information to improve your and others’ experience on our website, and to help us increase sales, and improve the way we operate our business, including decisions about what information consumers seek, what products they want, and how best to sell them. We also use it to reply to your direct requests and otherwise respond to technical support and help needs. We also use your information, collected as described above, for at least the following additional purposes:

  • To establish and maintain general security of the website, including detection, investigation, deterrence, and prevention of unauthorized use of the website
  • To create your account, if any, and manage your account credentials, so that we know it’s you trying to log on.
  • To email or otherwise send you confirmations and invoices, updates and shipping notices, and correspondence of a more technical or administrative nature such as notifications of changes to this privacy policy or notices about security issues.
  • To combine with other information from third party sources in an effort to derive more information, such as better ideas about what products to make, or to offer you, and generally to provide a better experience and enhanced services to you.
  • For third-party analytics services to assist us in better understanding users of our Site. The information we receive from these third parties may be associated with your Personal Information after we receive it back from these third parties.
  • For third party advertising partners of ours to select, deliver, and display ads to our Site, as well as other sites and products serviced by these partners. The ads we select may be based on your current location or the content you are viewing.  Other ads are targeted based on your likely interests or other information that we learn about you over time using demographic data, searches, interests and favorites, location data, and usage data from our Site and the sites and services of our advertisers and partners.  We share information with these third parties to facilitate the selection and serving of advertisements.  Advertisers may use cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies to personalize their advertising content and measure its effectiveness. Our advertising partners may also serve ads to you via other sites (including ads for our products) based on information collected from you while using the Site.


You grant us your consent to gather and use information as described above by using the website in general, and by buying any product or service, placing any order, and arranging for any delivery or return of a purchase. Your consent is transferrable to any party who acquires it as part of VIDYA LLC’s business assets, albeit subject to the same protections set forth in this Privacy Policy. You can withdraw your consent by email to or regular mail to :

1532 N Emerson St. #99
Denver, CO 80218


We protect your information and make commercially reasonable efforts to prevent its disclosure to third parties without your consent, except:

  • As may be required by law, such as in response to a search warrant or court order, or in response to imminent threat, or in an effort to protect the personal safety of any person. In the event we are required to disclose your personal information under this exception, we will make commercially reasonable efforts to notify you of that fact;
  • As may be necessary to protect our own rights, such as to enforce contracts, our Terms of Service, or Privacy Policy
  • As occurs in the ordinary course of business with third parties who work for us, such as contract laborers, IT services providers or others
  • As may be necessary or advisable and consistent with applicable law in the course of contemplated or actual changes to VIDYA LLC’s company structure or financing, such as in a merger, buyout, bankruptcy proceeding, or any other transfer or evaluation of VIDYA LLC’s assets. In this scenario, data we collected from or about you is a VIDYA LLC asset subject to
  • sale. In that event, we will, if allowed, use reasonable efforts to notify you when your information is transferred to a third party (e.g. by email to you or by posting a prominent notice on the Site). Your Personal Information will remain subject to the promises made in this Policy even after the transfer unless you consent to another arrangement. Any information you provide after the transfer will likely be subject to a new privacy policy, and you should review that policy.

Our commercially reasonable efforts to protect your information include not only the payment processing method discussed below, but also generally accepted industry practices to protect against loss, unauthorized disclosure, or misuse. Your password is a primary means of protecting your information—don’t share it with anyone, and note that best practices require use of a different one for each website, and changing those passwords periodically. VIDYA LLC will never ask you for password, so never give it to anyone representing that they’re from VIDYA LLC.

California Residents: Under California Civil Code sections 1798.83-.84, California residents are entitled to ask for a notice identifying the categories of personal customer information that we share with our affiliates and/or third parties for marketing purposes, and providing contact information for such affiliates and/or third parties. If you are a California resident and would like a copy of this notice, please submit a written request to the address provided in Section Two.


To facilitate our sales to you, VIDYA LLC’s e-store is built on a combination of third party platforms including Word Press (website), WooCommerce (ecommerce), and a payment gateway such as Square, Amazon Pay or QuickCard. We may change any of those platforms from time to time, but all of them have powerful security features. After you enter your credit card or ACH information it is SSL encrypted and passed for processing through a gateway that is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Encryption means the information is encoded before it leaves our website. PCI-DSS standards are maintained by a consortium of the biggest credit card companies like Visa and Mastercard.

We use third-party service providers such for payment processing such as credit card or ACH/eCheck acceptance, merchant settlement, and related services. By your use of the Site you demonstrate your agreement to be bound by those third-parties’ privacy policies and further consent to and authorize VIDYA LLC and its providers to share any information and payment instructions you provide with additional third party providers as necessary, to the extent required to complete your transactions.


You may find links on our website to external sites run by third parties. This policy does not apply to those sites; you should read the policies that apply to them to understand their approach to your personal information.


You are required to know what laws apply to you, and to abide by them, wherever you are in the world. You access our website at your own risk.

Unless you are at least 18 years of age our website is off limits to you. If you are going to purchase any cannabinoid-infused products from us, you must also be of the legal minimum age in the locality you are in when you buy it. By using our website or by purchasing any cannabinoid-infused product from us, you represent to us that you are in fact of the age of majority in the state where you live, of legal age in the locality (e.g. county, township, village) where you live, and that you give your consent for any minor dependents under your legal custody to use the website.

VIDYA LLC is a US company. Our website is accordingly for use by persons within the United States including its properties (“the US”). If you send us personal information from outside of the US then by doing so you manifest your consent to the use and disclosure of that information as may be permitted by the laws of the US and its various states as appropriate and consistent with this Privacy Policy.


VIDYA LLC may modify this Privacy Policy at any time, any changes effective immediately upon publication of the modified policy on our website. Please check this Privacy Policy frequently for changes.




Dated 23 August  2019