Extract Oil – 1000 mg

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Joint and Muscle Extract Oil 30 ml – (1000 mg)

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Extract Oil (1oz – 30ml 1000MG)

VIDYA ([vid-yah]) EXTRACT OIL introduces a higher concentration of PHYTOCANNABINOIDS for diffusion throughout the body to support your everyday joint and muscle health.

Our oil is great for on the go. It can be administered in many different ways such as under the tongue for maximum absorption or infused into a drink or food. Sublingual application, or application under the tongue, allows the active ingredients of extract oil to be absorbed directly into the many capillaries, or tiny blood vessels, there. Once in the bloodstream, the PHYTOCANNABINOID goodness supports all your joints and muscles, especially the most troublesome ones.

Best Usage:
The extract oil is great to add to your daily health regime to support overall muscle and joint wellness and to provide balance throughout the body, delivering maximum relief and helping to prevent trouble before it starts. Use the dropper to apply the VIDYA EXTRACT OIL under the tongue or infuse in a drink or food. The dropper gives more flexibility when it comes to dosing. VIDYA OIL EXTRACT, working inside the body is the perfect complement to the VIDYA ICE and VIDYA BALM applied to the surface to provide overall whole health wellness for muscles and joints.

Our extract oil dropper dispenser allows each individual to choose how much oil they want to apply for a given situation. It is beneficial for pets as well as people. This product can be infused into food and drink of your choice. It travels well but keep cool and out of direct sunlight to preserve quality.

Ingredients: broad-spectrum hemp extract, natural fractionated coconut oil.


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Product Details

VIDYA Extract Oil is the pure, natural yield of carefully selected hemp grown on carefully evaluated land and extracted through a strictly controlled process to ensure safety and efficacy. It’s then mixed with natural coconut oil to achieve the proper potency of approximately 33mg of active cannabinoids per milliliter. Vidya oil is not artificially flavored, but lacks the strong, grassy, mouth puckering flavor that can result from uncontrolled processes.

Our oil contains a broad spectrum of organic compounds made by, and inside of, the hemp plant itself, mostly in the tiny, bristle-like structures on the leaves near the flowers and on the flowers themselves. Estimates vary but hemp is known to produce hundreds of different organic compounds with beneficial effects, falling into three different classes: cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. These compounds impact the human body, helping it to maintain or return to overall balance (called homeostasis). They work by fitting into special receptors on cell membranes throughout every major system (neurological, skeletal, endocrine, circulatory, etc.) and modulating the processes going on inside those cells in response to other signals.

To understand the concept of homeostasis, think about how for example your body maintains a nearly constant internal temperature regardless of the temperature outside, and regardless of whether you’re exercising or resting. The most prevalent active hemp components in Vidya extract oil is cannabidiol, abbreviated CBD, which is where we get the generic term “CBD,” when intended to refer to hemp extract products that have at most only trace amounts of THC. THC is the component that’s been bred out of the hemp we use because it makes you “high,” or “stoned,” and may have adverse affects at least in high concentrations. Other active natural compounds in the cannabinoid class include, e.g. cannabinol (CBN), cannbigerol (CBG), cannabichromene and (CBC). In the terpene class they include, e.g., myrcine, beta caryophyllene, linalool and limonene.

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