VIDYA ICE vs. Biofreeze

VIDYA ICE, a Healthful Alternative

VIDYA Ice a product that provides joint and muscle and joint relief products that give deep relief to customers. VIDYA Hemp Products provide holistic and natural healing, but how does their effectiveness stack up against other popular pain relievers like Biofreeze?

VIDYA ICE vs. Biofreeze

People seek pain relief for the stressors that seize up muscles and joints, whether from running or long hours standing during a work shift. Pain reliever creams ease the pain while helping the body's healing process. 

Biofreeze and VIDYA Ice are two topical creams that can provide relief for those seeking to alleviate joint and muscle pain, but which one offers the best solution?

After considering the pros and cons of each, we've decided that VIDYA Ice is more effective in treating muscle and joint pain with healthy and natural ingredients. Here is a rundown on how the two creams measure up.


Biofreeze provides a cold therapy treatment for inflammation by distracting pain sensations by inducing a cold feeling on the skin. Ingredients include Menthol, Glycerine, Isopropyl Alcohol, Methylparaben, Propylene Glycol, Silicon Dioxide, and Triethanolamine. Side effects of Biofreeze can include itching, burning, and skin irritation that may last for hours.


VIDYA Ice gel offers a cold therapy that soothes muscles and joints with natural Phytocannabinoids and organic hemp extracts. The cannabinoids provide lasting pain relief, and other ingredients such as camphor, tea tree oil, and yerba mate provide antioxidants and heal and moisturize skin. The gel from the pump-on container glides onto the skin and leaves no residue or grease.

VIDYA Ice also acts as a pre-emptive pain reliever when applying before workouts, and the relief lasts all day while helping muscle and joint recovery. The applicator is easy to carry and applies the cream mess-free without residue. Natural phytocannabinoids help the body heal and repair while vitamin E ingredients soothe the skin.

The natural ingredients, soothing and healing effects, and handy applicator make VIDYA Ice our preferred choice. Learn more here.